Design & Renovation Services

Design & Renovation Services

Renovations Now, a unique collaboration between design professionals from across different continents, to achieve Design excellence for the growing Market for Luxury Homes, Hotel Rooms and Luxury Furniture.

Our Team of Luxury Designers is adequately equipped to understand the most diverse requirements and aspirations of the rich and famous from their Homes, the domain that they cherish the most. In line with the same our team of designers, consult with each member of the family to understand theirrequirements from their very own and private living spaces to put together a comprehensivecompendium of requirements, to achieve the most optimized design for their beloved home, in order to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction.

Our team of Interior Designers develop and seamlessly execute carefully optimized designs for Business and Leisure Hotels/Resorts.

Our team of Furniture Modeling experts have been carefully handpicked from across the world to deliver Furniture, truly inspired with the best standards, in terms of design and durability.

Our teams are truly geared up to deliver completely customized designs in line with the aspirations and requirement of our clients.

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