Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Bar Lounge – Namaste Europe – Holistic’s Lifestyle Lounge Bar, providing a completely radical and refreshed format providing an absolutely innovativemenu of alcoholic beverages in addition to the beverage offerings of the competition, with an even more innovative menu of non-alcoholic beverages for the Teetotaler, A menu of scrumptious cold snacks. In an effort to maximize practicality and the resultant revenues during the day hours, Namaste Europe would also offer a collection of Exotic Hot Beverages and Street Foods coupled with a patisserie.

Specialized Cafes with an exotic menu of Beverages and Eats

Café Indiana - This Traditional Indian Café serves an array of Herbal Beverages, in addition to normal Tea’s, Coffee and Alcoholic Beverages. The same would be accompanied by a carefully curated Menu of Snacks and Confectionery items.

Small Format Restaurants – Bombay Dreamz

Our Street Food Restaurant serving a meticulously curated Menu of Street Food, from different parts of India.

Fine Dine Indian Restaurant – Royal Durbaar

The Royal Durbaar -A Fine Dine Indian Restaurant providing a truly Traditional Royal Indian Dining Experience, befitting the Indian Royalty.

Corporate and Social Catering – Martin Brown’s

Catering for Social Functions and Parties

Corporate Catering both On-Site and Off-Site

Catering for Corporate Adventure Camps and Off-Site events

Specialized Catering of Indian Food for Group Tours and other such groups

Catering for Film Crew – Mobile Vans available to travel with the group.